Swift Gems

100+ tips to take your Swift code to the next level

Swift Gems by Natalia Panferova book coverSwift Gems by Natalia Panferova book cover
  • Learn advanced Swift techniques designed for experienced developers
  • Discover powerful patterns and control flows that streamline complex logic and improve code readability
  • Unlock the full potential of protocols and generics to build robust, flexible, and reusable components
  • Delve into expert string manipulation and collection optimization strategies that refine data handling and boost efficiency
  • Explore sophisticated asynchronous programming and error handling techniques to enhance app resilience and performance
  • Gain insights into advanced debugging methods and code organization principles that promote clean and maintainable Swift code

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What is included in the purchase

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  • Over 100 advanced Swift tips and techniques with code samples
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What is included in the book

  • Tailored content for experienced Swift developers, focusing on enhancing advanced skills beyond basic tutorials
  • A curated collection of tips and techniques that can be independently read and immediately integrated into current Swift projects
  • Strategies specifically designed to improve code quality, legibility, structure, and performance, making your software more robust and efficient
  • Insights accumulated from many years of programming in Swift, presenting only the most interesting and impactful strategies
  • Unique and practical programming knowledge that provides real-world benefits in professional development environments
  • Tips and techniques with exclusive focus on the Swift language and the Swift standard library, ensuring they can be applied across any platform using Swift, from iOS and macOS to Swift on the server

Who the book is for

"Swift Gems" is specifically crafted for experienced Swift developers who are looking to elevate their skills beyond the fundamentals. This book is ideal for professionals who already have a solid understanding of Swift's basic principles and are eager to delve into more advanced topics. The content is meticulously curated to enhance code quality, legibility, structure, and performance, making it perfect for those who wish to refine their coding practices and integrate new, powerful techniques directly into their ongoing projects. The strategies and tips provided are applicable across all platforms where Swift is used, including iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and even server-side Swift. Whether you're looking to solve complex problems more efficiently, optimize existing code, or simply explore innovative practices gathered from extensive real-world experience, "Swift Gems" offers invaluable resources to enrich your development toolkit.

About the author

Natalia's photoNatalia's photo
Natalia PanferovaiOS and macOS engineer

Natalia has many years of experience building mobile apps working in both small startups and large companies. Before joining Nil Coalescing in April 2022 she was part of the core SwiftUI team at Apple designing and building SwiftUI APIs. She is passionate about Swift and Apple ecosystem and enjoys sharing her knowledge with the community. This book is a reflection of her dedication and expertise, aimed at helping seasoned developers harness the full potential of Swift in their projects.

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